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Lawn mowing: the rotation is in order, let me know the date you mow (approx.). About every 10 days is normal in the summer.

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J & T M-B    

Cabin Work - please e-mail me additions and items accomplished

Immediate needs: remove powder post beetles, reroof south side

Smaller tasks: more limestone on driveway, clean up hedges, organize and kick start long term compost, use compost on garden, fix door on dresser/cabinet, fix gas heater, replace cracked windows, replace trim around windows outside, paint windows outside, trim window's Dad replaced, put oarlocks on new oars, take out small willow trees,clear brush from road edge and create parking spots, remove poison ivy from hedge along road and near shed, organize grills for vegie and meat, clean frig, paint boat names on boats, clean and stain decks,

Medium Tasks: landscape E. end of property esp. around shed, improve crawl space access, replace crawl space door, seal crawl space against animal access, repair gazebo floor, reclaim all garden beds, clear and landscape SW corner of lot, remove stray metal and junk from lake, molding and baseboards inside, fix door on cabinet, remove fluorescent and create nice lighting in cabin, examine all trees and prune and cut, new steps for front door, rebuild picnic table, paint both picnic tables

Big Jobs: fix sag in roof, boat house followed by remove shed, re roof south side

Big money jobs: replace all windows,

Dreams and wishes: Bay window on S. side, replace paneling, new cabinets, redo ceiling and remove soffits, new tipi, create open ceiling and loft, remove sidewalk and put in pavers

Equipment/furnishings needed: med fry pan, med sauce pot,

2007 accomplished: New electrical system, pontoon plugs replaced and boat in, new screen door installed,

2006 accomplished: New wheelbarrow & vacuum, clean chimney, remove shade from garden, finish boat landing W. of dock, put in ladder to lake on dock, get rid of paddle boat, burn and compost brush, designate dog poop place, fix drawers in kitchen, remove tree S. of dock, replace screen door, make new gazebo door, repair gazebo screens, new floor in bathroom, move concrete sink from beach,