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Tools I have to loan to friends

last updated Thursday, June 1, 2006 14:06

general: my truck (can hold 1/2 ton)

plumbing: flare tool, cooper tube cutter, large pipe wrench, chain vise grip (adjustable for really large pipes - this is a brilliant tool), snake with a crank handle, submersible pump,

carpentry: levels, line level, plum bob, chalk line, chisels, nail sets, plane, electric compound miter saw, circular saw, router, electric staple gun, jig saw, palm sander, VSR drill,

electrical: wire cutter and romex plastic cutter,

concrete and pavers: rubber mallet, brick chisel, trowels, a tamping tool

bicycle: trueing tool, chain link tool,

painting: rollers, trays, edger (about 3 feet long)

drywall: all sorts of sized blades for drywalling, corner blade/edger,

Other : US and metric allen wrenches, wheelbarrow, small and large calk guns, sledge hammer, mini sledge, come along, tow cable, loppers, bow saw, folding saw, hand crank wheat grass juicer, tripod, post hole digger, pry bars small and large, splitting axe with two metal wedges, Jonsered chain saw, elecctric glass etcher, spline tool (for fixing screens),


Projects I've had some experience with (and skill ranges from fair to good): plumbing from iron waste lines to complete installation of bathroom, jackhammering, floor refinishing with power sanders, laying brick and block and pavers, installing floor and bathroom tile, basic carpentry, very basic electrical, built sauna, moving walls, roofing flat and pitched roofs, build deck, drywall (including Venetian plaster effect), plaster repair, pulling and placing toilets (more than 2 dozen times!), fence posts, replacing log cabin chinking, retaining walls, installing phones and jacks, pouring concrete, glazing windows, replacing sash cords and....?