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In October of 2002 I put a new roof on my house. I chose a metal roof, from Metal Roofs of Michigan. This recyclable material, which is made of partly recycled metal, lasts many years more than a traditional roof.

Attractive, environmentalyl responsible, and not as expensive as you might think, it seemed the only true choice. The most common question I was asked is "isn't it going to be noisy?" I've listened through a couple of storms since it was installed, and my conclusion is it is actually quieter than the three layers of roof that previously topped the house. From the outside, it is certainly noisier, but listening from the second floor it is a significant change. So the answer is no, and I almost wish it was louder.


The job took 7 days. The crew was thoughtful and careful, and it was as positive an experience as having your home torn apart can be. The highlights included constant pounding, the second floor shaking enough to be unnerving, horrible mess everywhere, objects and men going by windows up and down, and having to be careful before even stepping outside.

It was fun. They did a great job.

Both the company, Metal Roofs of Michigan, and the product, the Advanta Shingle, have my strong endorsement. Here are the photos from the work in progress. Thanks to Eric, Sam, Jordan, John, Isaac, Bob, Neil and Joshua.


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