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Businesses with integrity - a pleasure to do business with!

Dog Friendly Businesses

Not Friendly to Dogs

My list of bad businesses



One of the advantages of being a "townie" is knowing the local businesses. Some are just so impressive, that I wish I could spend even more money there because they deserve the support. Here is my list, in no particular order, which I will keep adding to.

Overture Audio     When Keith worked at Absolute Sound I was a loyal customer. Because I could walk in, describe what I wanted and how much I could pay, and know they would sell me exactly the right equipment. When Keith opened his own store on Main Street I found the service and integrity had only improved. Keith and the people who work for him understand what customer service means, and they live and breathe it. They sell pretty high end stuff, but even a minor audiophile like myself can get exactly the right components for a fair price.

Robertson's Screen and Storm Repair     In 1982 Robertson's did a rush order for a rental house I lived in. And when they were a couple hours later than promised, they delivered the screens to us to make up for it. Since then they've repaired virtually every screen and many storms in my house, as well as given me two new screen doors. Excellent work, great service, friendly to deal with.

The People's Food Co-op     For over 30 years, the Co-op has been the place fro organic local food. The reasons to support the co-op are many, but a few of the highlights: we own it, they support local growers, the money earned is turned back to the community, the quality of the food selections, location, it is a co-op, and they are an important contributor to community events and local causes.

Stadium Hardware     Ann Arbor is so lucky to have a true hardware store. They'll give you the same service and advice for a $.05 part as a $200.00 tool. They have clever intelligent people working there and no one has ever been condescending to me or dismissive because I'm female. Great selection, wealth of knowledge, and the middle room is a wonderful array of well organized screws and bolts and more.

Affordable Appliance Service    734-944-4008 I just found Mike recently when I needed a used refrigerator. He had exactly what I needed and the price was great. That same week my dryer broke, he gave me advice on diagnosing the problem, did a free service call to try and fix it (the motor had seized) and I ended up buying a used Maytag from him for a very reasonable price. He is the owner technician one man business -- often a good sign and the sort of business I am happy to support.

The Ann Arbor Observer      I appreciate their very local sensibilities and in-depth articles on local issues and people, and their monthly calendar remains an outstanding resource for the community.

Frog Holler (Farmer's Market)      For decades Ken and Kathy king have delivered high quality organic produce to The People's Food Co-op and the Farmer's Market. Great people, and some of the best organics around.

Gardenworks (Farmer's Market)      Rob is a talented gardener, interested in unusual greens and inspiring the use of vegetables! The best place in town for greens and an array of vegetables. I've been out to their farm and it is a lovely local well run space. They do a  CSA as well.

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room    Crazy Wisdom is a one of those places that helps make Ann Arbor what it is. The book selection is fabulous, they carry crystals and tarot cards and jewelry and statues, all sorts of metaphysical things that are hard to find elsewhere. Crazy Wisdom also does so much more behind the scenes to support alternative health and healing through their free journal and directory, renting class space, and promoting events. They are more than a bookstore, they are a critical community resource.

Ann Arbor Well Drilling     The experience of having to drill a new well at my lake cabin was made very positive with the careful, experienced, and friendly service I received. They got the subtle but positive review from the county well guy as well. They own the business and don't subcontract, so the service is for real. Again, they gave lots of free advice, long explanations, and lots of helpful advice.

Home Repairs by Gary Hochgraf     Local handyman services, environmentally friendly. Gary does as much on bike as possible.


Dog Friendly Businesses I am grateful to support:

Foto 1, Silver Lead Paint Company, Sam's, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, Falling Water, Downtown Home and Garden, Kolossas Printing, Huron Pet Supply, Liberty Street Video, Acme Mercantile, Pictures Plus, Panorama Video, Stadium Hardware,


Formerly Dog Friendly businesses (and I'm unhappy about their changes in policy)

Kinkos, Cingular Wreless, Lowes (some days dogs are OK, some days not), Borders

Businesses that have always been dog unfriendly

The Learning Center, Sherwin Williams, UM Credit Union, Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, The Parthenon (which does NOT allow dogs in their OUTSIDE eating area -- unlike all the other restaurants with outside eating areas downtown),


Businesses that have provided poor service or behaved unethically

Best Block on Jackson Rd. - they did a poor job of delivering and spreading limestone (they  ended up totally blocking the road so I had to work my but off for nearly an hour just so a car could pass) and my complaint was met with hostility. We settled on a partial refund, which apparently was just a tactic to get me off the phone as they never sent the check. You screw us the delivery, argue with me that I shouldn't have expected any service so bad service should have been OK, nasty in working out a compromise and then lie about it in the end? I'm happy to say it has cost them over a thousand dollars in business I've diverted from -- and counting. Wouldn't paying me the $70 you agreed to have been cheaper in the long run?

Pizza Bob's has been a good source for whole wheat crust pizza for many years. They just handed over the coldest pizza I've ever had delivered, and the shake they are so famous for was a bit too warm to be enjoyed. And it was all 75 minutes to get pretty bad food. They had said 45 tops. I called them up, told them exactly this, and the guy said he'd speak to the driver. Hmm. They have my address and phone number, and they never followed up.


Please contact me with your additions and comments