Linda Diane Feldt Everything Else Holistic Health Practioner Author Herbalist and Wildcrafter Teacher Linda Diane Feldt has been a student of the healing arts since 1973. Providing "an integrated approach to holistic health care since 1980". Linda Diane was called "the doyenne of alternative healing" by the Ann Arbor Observer and as a national "notable in the field" by Massage Magazine.  She has served nationally as well as locally in a variety of roles; as a board member for national and local organizations, multiple appointments as a legislative consultant, volunteering as a crisis counselor and trainer, teaching high school through graduate level courses, working in the field for environmental projects, and more. Her eclectic experiences are demonstrated in the wide range of subjects covered in her 6 publications, and her ongoing work in the field of Holistic Health care. Linda Diane was born in Ann Arbor Michigan, and has lived there for most of her life.